Successful Fund Raising for Anja

Here we are at the end of a successful evening at the lovely Cafe Ronak  on Gloucester Road Bristol.  From left to right we are Joanna Quincey CZT from Wales, Caroline McNamara CZT from Southern Ireland (and initiator of this event idea), Anja Bakker (with Sean the harp, who is in the second picture) and myself CZT.

We raised a wonderful £145 pounds to help Anja on her way walking from Ireland to Rome, a 5 month pilgrimage travelling approximately 2000 miles through 5 countries (including the alps over ancient treks).  Anja carries her harp and her luggage embracing all weathers and challenges on the way. A true inspiration.

Anja gave us beautiful, soothing and inspiring musical accompaniment to our drawing.

Jo began the evening facilitating the creation of our first Zentangle tile, introducing the tangles Crescent Moon and Hollibaugh.

It’s always fascinating that in Zentangle we all follow the same instructions, yet our small works of arts have so much individual variety and personality. Here is the group mosaic of our tiles:

After a break for Ronak style nourishment, some social banter and to have a chance to look around many Zentangle examples on display, I concluded the evening with a second tile.

For this I chose tangles Printemps and Indyrella.  The layout of the tile meant that it could be arranged in a group mosaic to produce a further pattern.

2 of those patterns are shown here:

A huge thank you for all your support – Lesley (CZT) (  and her gang from Cheltenham, my Zentangle students,  friends, friends of Cafe Ronak and those people who just thought you’d give the evening a try !