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"Our world is awash in patterns", so starts the introduction of The Book of Zentangle written by its founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas.  How wonderful that Rick and Maria have developed a creative process whereby we can use 5 basic elemental strokes in a structured way to build beautiful patterns - and not only that, add relaxation and feeling good to the result.

They realised that people may well admire Zentangle art but would often say "But I don't have the ............ (one or more of these)  Time, Money, Tools, Training, Talent, Space, Ability, Patience, Confidence, Motivation."  So these concerns have influenced their development of the Zentangle Method, the teaching of the method and even the materials used, all with the aim of reducing these perceived hurdles and encouraging those who believe they are not an artist!

About me

I love all things multi-media and, off and on, over the years I have played around with different creative projects with varying enthusiasms.  At the end of 2014 I had a tragic and terrible bereavement which necessitated some time off work and eventually returning to a 3 day week.  At the time I was interested in free motion stitching - i.e. patterns on the sewing machine where the design is completed with continuous stitching without lifting the needle.  Often, to get my mind into the groove before starting the machine, I would draw the patterns....to get the brain started.  Somehow along the way I discovered the pattern drawing of Zentangle.  I am so glad I did - it really helped me to deal with this difficult period of my life.  Not only had I found an art form which I loved, I realised that the process was helping me to cope and the seed of an idea began to grow that I wanted to help others discover this nourishing art form.

September 2016 I retired and in April 2017, I went to the USA to a wonderful training seminar hosted by Rick and Maria and became a Certified Zentangle Teacher.

Certified Zentangle Teacher
Me with Maria and Rick
Me with Maria and Rick

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